Department of Public Policy Leadership

University of Mississippi

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Departmental Mission: (Click Here for Department Curriculum)

The department of Public Policy Leadership engages high performing students to accomplish five aims.  Our students will (a) develop effective thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills, (b) recognize the importance and demands of ethics, diversity, and responsible leadership, (c) understand policymaking – from the local to the global, (d) acquire skills in policy analysis, and (e) deepen their substantive knowledge of particular policy areas.

The department offers an undergraduate B.A. in Public Policy Leadership, open to students in the College of Liberal Arts. We are in the process of creating a minor as well.

As a department, we aim at excellence. You can see our overall course list here. We are constantly refining our course offerings, and will be adding many new courses as soon as the University approves them.

For information on our summer and fall 2011 courses click here. For a list of our spring 2012 courses,click here. The course descriptions for these classes is available here. Our Spring 2013 course listings and descriptions are here. For our Summer and Fall 2012 courses and their descriptions, click here.Information on our spring 2011 courses is here.

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