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Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi

Study Abroad in the Czech Republic

Students sit on a bridge in Prague during a study abroad experience

The Sullivan Foundation Scholars Program in Prague was a 4-week academic leadership program focused on Social Entrepreneurship.

This course introduced students to the field of leadership and innovation and begin to develop their individual and collective capacities to innovate and implement impactful, sustainable, and scalable methods of solving society’s problems. The first half of the course offered an overview of the field, presented frameworks, and examined solutions to social/environmental problems through successful social innovation and enterprise. The second half of the course was devoted to reviewing and applying the ideas, skills, and strategies required for effective social change in the 21st century. Each student was responsible for developing an original blueprint for social innovation & change – a creative proposal for solving a societal problem. The students were encouraged to submit their proposals to an international foundation to win funding for their projects.

“I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to take part in the Global Leadership Program with the financial assistance of Sullivan Foundation. I took two courses worth 3 credit each – the Philosophies of Leadership; and Social Entrepreneurship. Both classes were taken in the morning in the facilities of Charles University. A reasonable portion of the learning was experiential, with several excursions. One was a weekend long stay at a Czech countryside chateau. On our way to the chateau we visited the Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel elaborately decorated in human bones. Another trip to Vienna allowed us to tour United Nations offices. Our last excursion included a visit to a holding camp used by the Nazi’s throughout the Holocaust.” – Glennis McWilliams