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Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi

Natalie KingNatalie King, MA ’19

Welfare Coordinator Dean of Students Office, St. Edward’s University

How, when, and why did you decide to study public policy leadership?
When I was a Junior in high school and began visiting college campuses I had applied to, Ole Miss was at the top of my list because of the Public Policy Leadership major. Being from Texas, I had not found another program that had a focus and integration of leadership and policy. While there are 3 other schools that offer a public policy program, Trent Lott stood out to me for their dedication to student growth both inside and outside the classroom.

I distinctly remember Spring semester my senior year (2013) receiving the email I had finally been accepted into PPL. I was out with my mom shopping for prom dresses and starting screaming with excitement. Public Policy Leadership was the main reason I chose to attend Ole Miss. Public Policy Leadership was more than political science or policy analysis at Ole Miss. It was a holistic comprehensive integration of challenging academic rigor and leadership development through involvement on campus.

Please discuss highlights of your undergraduate experience?
One of the biggest highlights of my undergrad career was being able to serve on the ASB Judicial Council as a part of the Judicial Branch. The Judicial Council was a branch of the Associated Student Body at Ole Miss. Judicial Council allowed me to serve my fellow students and make an impact through my service and leadership in this organization. As a Council we strived to use Restorative Justice practices and make the process educational and not punitive in nature. It was an incredible experience to support Ole Miss’s educational mission and creed. I learned to resolve the conflict by practicing conflict resolution. Most importantly we tried to restore the community while providing opportunities for my fellow peers develop and learn.

Other highlights were through the various organizations I was involved in. Including; Student Alumni Council, Kappa Delta Sorority, Freshman Council, Chancellor’s Leadership Class, Associated Student Body and a few others. One of my proudest accomplishments and highlight was being named Who’s Who of the University in recognition for academic excellence, leadership and service.

Please talk about your path since graduation and career path goals at this point? Outline your career.
Since graduating in December 2017, I started my Masters in College Student Development at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. My career path is in Higher Education as a Student Affairs Professional. Student Affairs is the practitioner-based side in Higher Education. Think of it as being focused on administrative and leadership, not so much the teaching or academic side. My career has started as the Welfare Coordinator for the Dean of Students Office at St. Edward’s University. I am working full time and will complete my Masters this December of 2019.

My short term career path goals in the next 3-5 years include; completion of my Masters, presenting at a national conference such as (HECMA, ASCA, NASPA), gaining a mentor to help me grow as a young professional, obtaining a Grant Writing Certification, and applying to start in an EdD program (Education Doctorate Degree).

My long-term career path goals; to serve as a Dean, Provost, or Vice President in Student Affairs and serve as adjunct faculty to teach masters level students in Education Policy, Legal & Ethical Issues or some related topic in the future.