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Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi
Dr. Nidhi Vij Mali
Assistant Professor
110 Odom Hall
(662) 915-1336

B.A. in Economics (Hons), University of Delhi, India; M.A. in Economics, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India; Ph.D in Public Administration, The Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Syracuse

Specialization: Public Management & Policy Analysis, Social Welfare Policies, Information Communication Technologies, Collaborative Governance

Dr. Vij teaches courses in policy design and analysis. Her research focuses on the use mobile technologies in public administration, and social welfare policies in a global comparative context. She is interested in the impact of these new ideas on bureaucratic processes, collaborative governance, and community public participation. She is also interested in developing impact evaluation designs and implementation for social programs. Dr. Vij has published in American Review of Public Administration and international journals such as IDS Bulletin and Human Affairs.

“I believe in three pedagogical principles: clarity of concepts, creative understanding, and critical thinking. Clarity of theoretical concepts is like playing with Lego blocks—breaking down the blocks and building them up again.

“Creative understanding involves learning in more than one way by articulating theories differently based on the context, relevance and application, and also understanding plural perspectives through shared experiences. Critical thinking enables the students to a gain a comprehensive perspective, not only from their own beliefs but also from a contradictory viewpoint. These skills are essential in policy development and analysis.”