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Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi
Dr. Zachary Vereb
Assistant Professor
317 Lott

B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, University of South Florida; M.A. in Philosophy, University of South Florida; Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of South Florida

Specialization: Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Kant

Dr. Vereb’s research focuses on the relevance and application of Kant’s philosophy for environmental ethics and climate change, including its political and ethical dimensions. His recent publications concern the philosophical value of aesthetics and political philosophy for the climate crisis, and he is currently interested in exploring future-oriented philosophies of hope for our global predicament. He has published in journals such as Public Reason and Environmental Values, where he aims to reach a wide philosophical audience.

Using a contextual and skills-based approach, Dr. Vereb’s courses bridge philosophy with public policy to strengthen student learning about policy issues and global ethical problems.