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Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi

photo of Trent Lott speaking to studentsPPL 101 | Foundations of Public Policy Leadership

This foundational course is taught by several different faculty in the department, including Dr. Joseph (Jody) Holland, who earned his Ph.D. in Public Policy Administration from Mississippi State University. His expertise includes food policy, economic development, and technology policy.

As an introduction of the policy process in the United States, the course is designed to help develop skills necessary for understanding the policy process and public policy decision-making. Students learn

  • how and when to apply practical public policy design;
  • policy implementation and analysis concepts and tools;
  • how to critically examine current controversies in the field; and
  • the rationales behind patterns of public policy processes and practices.

Through this class, students improve their ability to form reasoned and informed judgments, produce articulate written work, enhance oral communication skills, and engage in critical thinking to resolve complex policy issues in the American political system.

“Personally, PPL 101 was an opportunity for me to identify and learn about the policy areas in which I am most interested! The class challenged me to adopt a more analytical perspective on policy issues at large, and it ultimately enabled me to write in a way that was both passionate and informed! Furthermore, it was incredibly fulfilling to engage with the multiplicity of options available to policymakers in combatting issues and striving for change.“ – Jorge Andres (Andy) Flores