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Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi

European Union flags in front of the blurred European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium

Featured Course: PPL 387 | Education Policy

Public Policies of the European Union is taught by Dr. Christian Sellar, who earned his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. His areas of specialization include economic and human geography, with a primary teaching interest in regional economic/social development, economic governance, international political economy, and institutional change.

This course focuses on the mutual influence between identity politics in Europe and policies of the European Union. Students analyse government policies at EU, national, and local levels, highlighting how policies constitute the pivotal points between identity politics – and specifically the contested emergence of a European identity – and current policy debates, such as the decision of the UK to leave the EU (Brexit). The course builds on geography, economic sociology, and cultural studies, and is organized around three main sections:

  • European identity, politics, and the ‘New Europe’
  • European Union regional policies and neighbourhood and
  • Brexit.

The course has had a positive professional impact on PPL students, especially those who plan to work in Washington D.C. with international law firms and in various organizations dealing with international policies and politics.

“I’ve really enjoyed taking Public Policies of the European Union this semester, especially around the most recent Brexit negotiations in January which made the curriculum very relevant. It’s been really interesting to look at how theories of European identity have formed along with the expansion of the European Union throughout history and I’ve really been able to expand my understanding of how the European Union practically functions and how it can be used a tool to understand European policies and overall culture.” – Olivia Maurer