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Department of Public Policy Leadership
University of Mississippi


The Greenville Renaissance Scholars Program is an educational non-profit organization based in Greenville, Mississippi. The mission of GRS is to inspire, motivate and prepare middle school students in the Greenville are to succeed on a college track. GRS was founded in 2007 by a group of local citizens responding to the clear need for academic enrichment and increased exposure to higher education for the area’s youth.

Students apply to join GRS in the spring of their sixth grade year. Upon acceptance into the program, students are invited to Camp Renaissance, our rigorous five-week summer program.

The purpose of Camp Renaissance is to augment academic skills and leadership skills and to encourage interest in a particular art form. Students participate in the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop (language arts), Research and Analysis (math), and the Leadership Laboratory in the morning. In the afternoon, students participate in one of three arts programs: drama, visual arts, or dance.

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The Sunflower County Freedom Project is a resource for public school students in grades seven through twelve and their families who are motivated to achieve more than their situations have afforded them, and who are willing to do so by striving toward higher education. We are continually working toward creating a corps of academically capable, socially conscious and mentally disciplined young leaders in the Mississippi Delta.

The Freedom Project’s LEAD Center is located in the town of Sunflower, MS (population approximately 800), located roughly 100 miles north of Jackson and 150 miles south of Memphis. Freedom Fellows come from Sunflower and the surrounding towns of Indianola, Moorhead, Ruleville, and Drew.

The program was developed by  Teach for America alumni in the Mississippi Delta. The eight week-long internship is competitive and is open to all Public Policy Leadership majors to apply and interview for the three positions available each summer.

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Mississippi First, a public-policy organization based in Jackson, Mississippi, offers a competitive month-long internship that provides an opportunity for a student to conduct research and help draft policy recommendations in areas such as education reform and welfare reform. This internship is open to all Public Policy Leadership majors to apply and interview for the one position available each summer.