Department of Public Policy Leadership

University of Mississippi

Program Description

Established in 2006, Public Policy Leadership (PPL) began formal operation in the Fall of 2007 as a department within the College of Liberal Arts and in partnership with the Trent Lott Leadership Institute ( The Department offers a BA degree in Public Policy Leadership. The BA in public policy leadership prepares high-performing students for positions of leadership in an increasingly complex world.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Public Administration
  • Policy
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science

The program emphasizes the global nature of responsible decision making, the ethical imperatives of leadership, critical thinking, communication skills, and the conceptual and methodological skills necessary for careful policy analysis. Public Policy Leadership and Lott Leadership Institute offer students the benefits of a small institute—selective admission, challenging academic program, and small classes—with the advantages of a large public university—affordable tuition and a wide range of resources and opportunities. The small and intimate nature of the program allows a high level of interaction and communication among faculty and between faculty and students.

The B.A. in Public Policy Leadership degree program prepares students for a variety of career possibilities, including graduate school and law school, public service, nonprofit organization, business, etc.

The Department of Public Policy Leadership has excellent faculty members who bring research, service, and disciplinary training to bear on engaging high performing students to accomplish five aims:

  • Develop effective thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills,
  • Recognize the importance and demands of ethics, diversity, and responsible leadership
  • Understand policy-making – from the local to the global
  • Acquire skills in policy analysis
  • Deepen their substantive knowledge of particular policy areas.


Course Requirements for the Major in Public Policy Leadership:

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